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The Troublemaker 27

Chapter Twenty Seven-Gentlemen, this is a Football

  The scene could have been out of any hospital operating room. Although instead of Surgeons, Nurses or Anesthesiologists you had Avionics Specialists, IT Specialists and various other electronics wizards that help keep the sophisticated electronics and computer systems aboard the USS Ronald Reagan operating at peak efficiency. These men were referred to by Captain Warner generically as ‘Techno Weenies’ and they hovered over their patient, the three and a half foot day-glo orange Rescue Buoy. Attached to the buoy was a flat wide computer ribbon that was then connected to a computer, while one of the sailors sat behind the keyboard.

  “Got it” One of the sailors said as the electronic secrets once hidden were now being exposed. The blue screen opened with a menu of the past moments of the West Virginia’s life, the electronic obituary of the 155 sailors that recently perished aboard her.

  Captain Warner and his entourage walked up behind the technicians and stood silently as the wizards did their business. One of the men turned around, “Captain, we think we’ve got it.”

  “Alright…what’s it say?” Captain Warner replied, leaving protocol language out at this time.

  “Sir, it looks like there are two separate modules here. The first is the telemetry of the West Virginia itself. See here…” The Tech pointed to an area on the screen “…this identifies the West Virginia, where she was, how deep that kind of thing…” looking at the Captain “…is this the kind of information you are looking for?”

  “No…I want to know what was said by the Captain, and want to hear if there was a sonar ping and if there is anything on that ping.”

  Turning back to the keyboard operator. “No problem…” the tech standing behind the operator said “…bring up that other module.”  The wizard made a few clicks with his mouse and the screen that popped up was an audio recording of the control room, which looked by the bar graph at the bottom on the monitor to be about 15 minutes in length.

  The men knew that they would hear the actual sounds of death, not electronic numbers or fancy graphics, but of real flesh and bone sailors dying…the group grew very quiet as they waited for the Captain to give the go ahead.

  Captain Warner took a deep breath and said “Let’s hear it.”

  As the men all listened in, it was apparent that the West Virginia was being pressed from the Kilo’s. Reaching over and turning up the speakers attached to the computer, they clearly listened to the conversations…

  “Gunderson, where’s that Kilo?”

  “He’s gone sir. I don’t know where because of the thermocline.” Gunderson reported

  “Let stream the sonar array and dip it below the thermocline. I want to know where this Kilo is.” The Captain ordered

  “Aye, aye sir. Streaming sonar array, now” The sonar array is an extended cable that has sensors to listen for sounds away from the sub.

  “Sonar array coming online now sir…Good God, the Kilo is directly behind us sir, 4,000 yards at a depth of 450 feet. Hull popping noises sir, he is coming up to our level…sir, we have outer doors opening and he is flooding the tubes…it looks like he’s preparing to fire, sir.” Gunderson said excitedly

  “Reel in the array NOW! As soon as he gets above the thermocline I want full speed ahead to 180° and dive to 500 feet.” The Captain was waiting to use the thermocline to his advantage as the Kilo had just successfully accomplished. “I also want all four tubes loaded and ready to fire.”

“Aye aye, sir” The ship’s activity grew intensely, as their main mission was to remain undetected, which they now were not.

  “The Kilo’s above the thermocline sir” Gunderson reported as he sat glued to his computer screen

  “Dive, dive! Make those moves now!” the commander ordered. The sub went to full power and pitched nose down to go through the thermocline. As they were diving they turned to their new course to try to get as far away from the Kilo as possible.

  “New contact! Definitely another Kilo class sub…10,000 yards and blade count showing 20 knots…sir, he’s coming straight for us…outer doors opening and he is flooding his tubes”

  “Dammit, they set a trap for us! Who are these guys?” the Commander said

  PING…bzzzt…PING…bzzzt…PING…bzzzt… the active sonar noise radiated out from the Kilo class submarines in an effort to target the exact location of the Ohio class sub

  “What the hell? Why is he pinging us if he knows where we are at? And what the hell is that other noise? It sounds like a fax machine.” The Commander said “Dive…dive! Take us down to 800 feet, let’s haul some ass men.”

  “Aye aye sir.”

  The sub was already at full power and could pull away from the Kilos; they started their second set of attack maneuvers. The intercom cracked “Captain…this is the Torpedo room. Sir we have a serious problem! The torpedoes have started running!”

  “What? What do you mean running?”

  “Sir, the torpedoes in the bay have started running after that set of pings sir. They are now armed and…”

The recording ended.

  Silence permeated the group as they were emotionally overwhelmed at the devastation of the West Virginia. Captain Warner was the first to speak, which he did weakly. “Can you isolate that sonar ping and see what that noise was they were talking about?” Everyone wanted to talk about the death of the sub, but they knew they had to go on and find some answers.

  “Yes skipper.” The technician copied the section of audio where the ping and the imbedded noise was and enhanced it digitally. Looking at another screen where the enhanced signal was displayed, he responded “Skipper, you see here…”pointing to the clearly identifiable bar chart of the noise “…this is a definite embedded signal, sir. It looks somewhat like a software packet of some sort…like a downloadable zip file, if you will. What do you want me to do with it, sir?”

  Captain Warner had gathered his composure and said “I want you to make a copy of this entire conversation and the telemetry of the sub, secondly I want you to make a separate copy of the sonar ping and the signal…” pausing momentarily “…can you put it on a couple of CD’s?”

  “Yes sir, no problem” The technician inserted a blank CD and began burning a copy, he would also make one for himself.

  “Good, and when you are finished with this…I want you to make me a copy also. I want this in my hands ASAP. After you are finished with making these copies, get the buoy top-side to the Greyhound.”

  “Aye aye, sir.”

  Captain Warner along with Commander Benson and the other officers who had just witnesses this horrific act began their walk to the bridge. Bull Warner was a strong man, in college he played middle linebacker for the Naval Academy’s football team. Bull loved and excelled at the physical contact of the game…now he wanted someone to hit, someone to punch, something to run over…someone to kill. As he walked his strength grew as did his anger, the officers behind him felt the radiating heat from that anger. The walk towards the bridge gave Bull a moment to process his information and turning to the Air Boss.

  “Get the buoy to Norfolk immediately and radio ahead that the Greyhound will be in the air in 15 minutes.”

  “Aye aye sir.” The Air Boss went to a sound powered phone and gave the instructions to the flight crew.

  Turning to his XO. “I want J.J. Starks, Bart Kroeger and Terry Jones in CIC within the hour…” pausing momentarily “…and Chet, make sure this is done quietly…no radio, understand…” pausing again “…I also want a quiet message to the Jacksonville and the Hampton….make sure that they know that their ADCAP’s are sabotaged and they are to keep away from ANY action. As a matter of fact, let’s get a sling hoist to bring them on board too.”

  “Aye aye Skipper.” XO Chet Lund just received orders to have the Captain and Commanders of the US Navy surface warships, Cowpens, Elrod and Kauffman report to the Combat Information Center for a briefing with Captain Warner. The Jacksonville and the Hampton both Los Angeles Class attack submarines being rendered out of action due to the sabotaged torpedoes. The transfer of the officers would be accomplished swiftly, via the helicopters from the Reagan’s now smaller Carrier Battle Group.

  The blue Ford pick up truck skidded into an empty parking slot, sending pea gravel flying onto the sidewalk. Graham jumped out of the truck and went directly into the Sonar Testing Facility. Looking up at the noise made by the running SEAL. “Hey Graham…what’s up? You look like someone’s chasing you..” Sonar Tech Willy Jackson said

  Graham slowed and then stopped to catch his breath “Willy, I need your help.”

  “Sure brother, what do you need?”

  “I need you to see if there is anything electronically coming out of this.” Graham showed Willy the band aid which covered the chip in his forearm.

  “No problem…if it’s got a signal and all electronics have a signal…then I can find it.” Willy motioned to the testing room where the MK48 ADCAP torpedo was previously. “…just walk in there…make sure you leave your cell phone and if you are wearing a watch, take it off.”

  Graham left his personal electronic effects on Willy’s desk and then stepped inside the sound insulated room while Willy adjusted his sensors, microphones and monitors. After a few minutes “WHOA!...” Willy spoke into a microphone to Graham inside the testing room. “…Hey Graham, whatever you have in you just sent a burst signal…” looking back at his monitor “…it is in the UHF range.”

  Graham came back into the control room and rummaged through a garbage can. Finding an empty soft drink can, he took out his knife and sliced it into a small square. “Do you have any tape?”

 Willy found a roll of one of the most common item found in any mans garage, tool box or any naval base…duct tape. Peeling a 6 inch piece off, he handed it to Graham who immediately put it over the piece of metal covering the chip. “What is that thing Graham?”

  “It’s one of those Encompass chips that the UN soldiers have had implanted.” Graham started to put his watch and phone back on. “Do you think that this signal would get through the metal of a ship…or this?” Graham motioned at the soda can covering on his forearm.

  “I don’t know…only one way to find out, right?” Willy said then continued “Step back in the room.”

  Graham for the second time took off his watch and phone and walked through glass doors into the testing room. Standing inside he looked at Willy, shrugged his shoulders and soundlessly lip spoke “anything?”

 Speaking into the microphone and looking through the glass window “Nothing yet…” Willy was ready to pronounce that everything was ok. “Hold on Graham…damn this is strange…” Willy looked and adjusting his instruments. “…Graham it seems that YOU are sending out the signal…” looking at Graham who was obviously confused “…that piece of metal isn’t doing any good at all, the signal’s just as strong…” pausing again “…this is weird, for sure.”

  Graham stepped out again. “So you are saying that the metal isn’t containing the signal?”

  “No, as a matter of fact my sensors show that the source is your entire body…that’s some weird shit you got in you bro…” Willy paused for a moment “…look Graham; we test these ADCAP’s to determine the range and direction and abilities of what they can sense. I tested you for ‘direction’…and you seem to have a signal emitting from all over your body.” Willy was as confused by the source as was Graham, but the sensors weren’t confused as they showed Graham as the source.

  Graham thought for a moment then picked up the cell phone and memory speed dialed his geek counterpart, Jonathan. The phone picked up on the second ring. “Little Geek, this is Graham…we’ve got a problem here and maybe you can make heads or tails of it.” Graham explained what had just happened.

  Jonathan sat in his computer filled room and thought it through for a moment. “You know, if they were able to power that chip with the natural electricity of body fluid…maybe they were also able to use those fluids as an antennae…” Jon paused “…this means that anyone who has those chips…would be walking transmitters…this isn’t good.” Jonathan was sullen at this discovery.

   “Alright little buddy, we’ll deal with it…” Graham thought for a moment “I’ll see you soon, ok?” Graham closed the connection and turned to Willy, extending his hand he said “Willy thanks for your help...” Graham paused “…I need you to do something else for me.”


  Graham sat down at Willy’s desk, took out his razor honed knife and handed it to Willy. “You gotta take this thing out of me.”

  Willy was wide eyed at the request “Graham, I can’t do that…”

  Graham grabbed Willy’s hand and with an iron grip looked him in the eye.” If you don’t take this thing out Willy, those Blue Hats will know exactly where I am, trust me Willy it won’t be good for me if they know.”

  Willy took a deep breath and with his left hand, steadied Grahams arm while he made a slight cut with the Benchmade knife. The first cut was too shallow and he had to repeat the incision, deeper. Graham winced and then saw the blue chip mingled in his blood. Taking the chip out, Graham dropped it on the floor and took his chair leg and crushed it into a flattened piece of blue and red blood stained junk. Willy had some band aids in his desk drawer and put a couple on the cut.

   They shook hands first in the normal way and then, Willy’s way. The SEAL took his aluminum box with his computer and spare communications gear, then left. Graham hoped that this signal wasn’t picked up by the Blue Hats…it was.

  Climbing out of the submarine through the Mid L.E.T or the Mid Logistics and Escape Trunk, Captain Miller’s cell phone buzzed as soon as he stood on the deck behind the tall black sail. Flipping open the phones cover he saw that he had four calls from a number he didn’t know. As he was preparing to dial that number, he received another call. “Miller”

  “Captain, this is Graham…I have some very bad news for you sir…” Graham then told the Captain what he knew and what Jonathan’s theory was on the chips. “…if this is correct, then…”

Graham didn’t need to finish as Jack finished his thought. “…then those “guests” that are onboard my boat will give away our exact position.”

  “Exactly, sir.”

  “Thanks Graham…I’ll see you at 3pm.” Jack hung up and his head buzzed with the issue of the “guests” and their ability to give away the Nebraska’s position. Jack looked out and saw that the SEAL’s and the Marines who had just left the Nebraska were at their cars. Giving a whistle to the sailor that was standing post at the gang plank. “Do you know Mr. Martin?” Captain Miller shouted to the guard over the noise of the dock activities.

  The sailor nodded yes.

  “Go get him NOW!” Captain Miller ordered.

  The sailor held his M16 rifle across his chest and sprinted towards the vehicles where Martin was.

  Sergeant Boltz came over to Gary and said “Mr. Martin, I have something for you, sir. Come with me please.”

  Gary and his team followed Sgt Boltz to his vehicle. Major Simmons stood at the opened trunk and took out an olive drab canvas padded rifle case. The Major handed it to the Sergeant, who in turn unzipped the case and presented the rifle inside to Gary. “Think you can use this, sir?”

  Gary looked at a black stocked version of his missing M1A Springfield and smiled.  “I thought these were down for maintenance.”

  “The M21 sniper rifles are sir. This is called a Scout Squad Rifle, it’s smaller than the M21…and doesn’t have the accuracy at longer ranges, but it’s a very good rifle, sir.”

  Gary looked at the rifle and the strange optical device on its top. “What is this?”

  “Sir, that’s an Eotech Holographic sight…” Sgt Boltz took the rifle and showed Gary how to turn on the sight. A red circle with a small center dot appeared. “…this is already sighted in…” The Sgt looked at Martin and grinned “…anything out to 300 yards, and you own it sir.”

  “Damn nice Sergeant, thank you.”

  The Sergeant also pulled out a fairly large wooden ammo box and handed this to Gary. “Here are 20 magazines that are loaded with Lake City Match ammo, this gives you 400 rounds…will that be enough?” He also had a nylon vest that would handle the larger 20 round magazines and grenades which he handed to Martin.

  “Hopefully, yes…again thank you very much!” Gary was most appreciative of the weapon. His team stood around looking like proud papa’s at the birth of a baby. Gary took the weapon and shouldered it, satisfied he re-cased it and the box of filled magazines and began to put it in the already filled trunk.

  The sailor carrying out Captain Miller’s order came running up.” Mr. Martin…” he took a breath “…Captain Miller needs you immediately, sir.”

  Gary nodded and started to return.

  Jefferson stopped him. “Suh, we need to scrounge our equipment for tomorrow’s mission…” Jefferson tossed Gary his car keys “…we’ll see you at 3 o’clock.”

  Gary looked at Jefferson “Do you know where it is?”

  Jefferson smiled affirmative “Suh…do you know WHO you-ah talking to?”

  Gary smiled at his Cajun SEAL “I take that as a yes?”

  Commander Toland caught the conversation “Martin, now you know what I’ve had to put up with for the past two years…” turning to the smiling Jefferson “…Jefferson get your ass moving!” Rob smiled as he was proud of his men…he was also proud and impressed at how they had taken to Martin. Jefferson and the Team smiled towards their Commander, turned and left.


 Standing directly over the nuclear power plant of the Nebraska, Captain Miller dialed the number his phone showed had called four times. The view from on top of his boat and looking forward towards the sail was militarily picturesque; Jack didn’t allow the beauty of the Nebraska to cloud his thoughts.

  The top tiered bridge of the USS Ronald Reagan was filled with sailors doing their job of passing and completing the commands that drove this awesome floating weapons platform. Word of the sabotaged torpedoes had spread throughout the ship like a malignant cancer. Preceding the discovery of the West Virginia’s death due to sabotage, there was grumbling and complaining amongst the crew about lack of port calls and their overall time at sea. However, after hearing of the West Virginia’s fate, this had changed the attitudes of the Reagan’s crew into an angry, focused fighting team.

  As Captain Warner stood outside the bridge along the railing of the third level of the Island, his cell phone vibrated with an incoming call. Looking at the inbound number, he answered it immediately and succinctly. “Warner”

  “This is Captain Miller, you called me?”

  “Captain Miller...finally…” pausing due to the noise from one of the arriving Seahawk helicopters “…you’ll have to pardon me Captain, it gets a little noisy here…” pausing momentarily “…Captain, I’m Charlie Warner, Captain of  CVN Ronald Reagan, I understand you might be in need of some help.”

  “Needing help…that’s an understatement…” Jack paused and was starting to feel somewhat relieved “I am assuming that Commander Benson of The Sullivans spoke with you, what do you know so far Captain?”

  Bull Warner told Jack what Dick Benson had passed on to him and asked “Is this right?”

  “Yeah, it sure is…although you are missing a piece of information.” As Jack was talking, Martin came over to him. “Hold on for a moment Captain” Jack turned to Gary and put his hand over the phones receiver. “Those chips…they are very bad news.”

  Martin looked at Jack and figured that Graham had spoken to him.

  Turning back to his conversation with Captain Warner “Captain, I am going to have you talk with someone that knows all about what’s going on. He has been with this thing from the beginning…his name is Gary Martin, and you need to listen to what he has to say.  I’m going to hand the phone to him, now.” Jack handed the phone to Gary and said “Martin, this is the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan…they know.”

   “Sweet!” Taking the phone he said “Captain…Gary Martin here.”

  “Martin…how can we help?” The connection although a thousand miles away again was crystal clear from the Iridium system.

  “Captain, right now I need to think on that for a moment…” taking a breath “…I’ve just been given some information that I need to check out. Can I call you back in a few minutes?”

  “You have my number…I’ll be waiting for your call.” Captain Warner hung up.

  Gary dialed Jonathan’s number, who answered on the second ring. “Geek, this is Troublemaker.”

  Jonathan was excited to hear Gary voice “Hello sir.”

  “Geek, what’s the story with those chips?”

  “Sir, since my last conversation with our friend, I started doing a little research on the subject. It seems that they have crossed a significant barrier with this…um…product. However, I haven’t been able to find out anything concrete as of yet, sir. The science is theoretical, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been able to accomplish it.”

  “Ok, so what exactly does this mean, IF they have been able to accomplish this?”

  “It means that whoever has this device in their body will in effect have turned their body into a transmitter…” Jonathan paused for a moment “…it’s actually pretty ingenious.”

  “This kind of ingenuity we can live without.”

  “Yes sir.”

  “I want to ask you about our…ah…flyboy friends. Have you found out where they are located?”

  “Yes sir. I found household moving requests for that squadron. They are at a place called The Charles E Kelley Support Center near Oakdale, Pennsylvania. Oakdale is southwest of Pittsburgh. Years ago it used to be a Nike Missile base and is now a radar facility for the ‘World Aviation Authority’, which is now a branch of the ‘World Aviation Force’”

  “Good…” Gary realized that the information being passed wasn’t secure and it concerned him that Jonathan and his family were unprotected “…Geek, some friends of mine are coming to visit with you. Tell Terrie that she needs to have a big pot of spaghetti on…for later tonight.”

  “I will sir; by the way…will you be arriving for dinner also?”

  “Not tonight Geek, maybe in a day or so…” Gary paused and thought briefly about Maryland “…I have to go, I’ll see you soon…” he then remember something “…oh by the way, I have something else I need for you to do.”

  “And that would be sir?”

  “I am sending something with ‘Sunflower’…do exactly what it says, ok?”

  “Yes sir.” With that said, the connection was closed.

  Gary looked over at Jack “You’re right, those chips and the fellows that have them implanted are bad news.” Gary took a piece of paper out of his pocket and asked Jack for a pen to write with. He then dialed Captain Warner, who answered on the second buzz. “Captain, Gary Martin here.”

  Captain Warner had a technician attach his cell phone attached to a small set of speakers so his officers could hear the conversation. “Martin, I have my Groups officers here…the floor is yours.”

  “Thank you Captain and we really do appreciate your help. First of all, just who do we have here?”

  Captain Warner motioned for the officers to introduce themselves; they stepped forward and spoke into the receiver of the phone one at a time “Captain J.J. Starks, Commanding officer of the Cowpens…”

  “What is the Cowpens?”

  “Sorry, the Cowpens is a Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser…” Again they didn’t know how to address the Troublemaker, so to be on the safe side. “…sir.”

  “Commander Terry Jones, Commanding officer of the Oliver Hazard Class, Guided Missile Frigate Elrod, sir.”

  “Commander Bart Kroeger, Commanding officer of the Oliver Hazard Class, Guided Missile Frigate Kauffman, sir.”

  “Commander Chris O’Neill, Commanding officer of the Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine Jacksonville, sir.”

  “Commander Matt Burke, Commanding officer of the Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine Hampton, sir.”

  The last officer stepped forward “Commander Dick Benson, Commanding officer of the Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer The Sullivans, sir.”

  Martin spoke “Gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to meet you, although I wish it was under different circumstances…” Gary paused for a moment “…what I’m going to do Captain…” Gary addressed the overall commanding officer of the Reagan Battle Group “…is to give you the situation and then our mission, then you figure out where you all can help, ok?”

  “Fair enough Martin, go ahead.”

  Gary was standing during the introductions; he now sat down on the black rubberized deck. “There is going to be an attack with a 5 kiloton nuclear weapon on a city in the US. We don’t know which city, but we do know how they are planning this attack…” Gary paused to allow the officers to think about his statement “…they are flying over a UAV called a Global Hawk from a base in Pakistan; this is how they will attack. Now, they have at least three of the new modeled Global Hawk’s in which they have also converted air launched cruise missiles to a nuclear capability. This weapon that they are going to use, is really just a test for them…their main compliment of nuclear weapons are in the 150 kiloton range…each Global Hawk carries three cruise missile and six air-to-air missiles.”

  Silence from the Navy officers.

  Gary continued “Obviously, we have to stop these Global Hawks and the Blue Hat’s ability to use their nukes on our soil. Next is the Nebraska, we have to make sure that she gets to open sea safely…” Martin paused as he thought about the Nebraska “…Captain, have you had a chance to listen to the information on the West Virginia’s Rescue Buoy?”

  “We have…and you are right, those torpedoes could very well have been sabotaged...” Captain Warner looked at submarine Commanders Chris O’Neill and Matt Burke, each of whom had a sick look on their face as their subs used the same ADCAP’s that the West Virginia did. “…there IS something imbedded in that sonar ping Martin…we made a copy of those discs and will have them to you, just tell me when and where.”

  “Thank you, let’s talk about that in a moment…first let me tell you our specific mission here. Our Teams mission is to find and move the Air Force personnel who are familiar with the Global Hawks computer system to the control center in Maryland. They will then disable or crash the Global Hawks. Secondly, we have another Team who will need to get to San Francisco. This Team will meet with the Chinese and Russian Ambassadors to let them know that the genetically altered foods they are receiving are poisoned…and to keep their hands off of us.  Thirdly, we need that information you have from the Rescue Buoy, so we can test the ADCAP torpedoes…you know just as well as I do that a sub without torpedoes…is just a target.”

  The officers were quiet as they each thought of their ships capabilities and how they could be used.

  Martin continued, breaking the officer’s train of thought. “Now Captain, here is how you can help us…” Martin had Captain Warner’s undivided attention “…first, obviously we need you to take out those Kilo’s that are going to be waiting for the Nebraska. Here is the rub…this HAS to be done under their radar so to speak. The Blue Hats know exactly where you are…and if you make a move on those subs, and they see you…then they’ll just launch their nukes on us, and we’ll be toast…” Gary paused to allow that to sink in “…so Captain, you need to move undetected…”

  Captain Warner jumped in to add “What if we disabled our GPS locating systems, then we would disappear…what you think about that?”

  Martin spoke “I think if you disappeared, they would immediately know that something is up…however, what if you could take those systems and create the illusion that you are somewhere else? That might be something to think about.”

  Commander Benson spoke “I have an idea on that Martin; I think we can do that.”

  Martin continued “Now, can you get my guys to San Francisco?”

  “No problem there…as a matter of fact we can kill two birds with one stone here. I’ll have one of my pilots bring those discs then take your guys to San Francisco. We have access to a VC20 transport aircraft at Jacksonville; this bird can get you all to SF in short order.”

  “Excellent…two final items and I’ll let you all get to work…” Gary paused and took a deep breath “…I just received information that might impact you. Do you have UN personnel onboard your ships?”

  All officers nodded yes. Captain Warner spoke with an ominous edge to his voice “Yes…we all do, why.”

  “They have a chip imbedded in them that sends out a signal…this signal gives away your location, you should be aware of this….” Martin cautioned as he added “…don’t toss them overboard until you are ready to make your move, understand?” Martin again cautioned “Now listen to me, these guys have planned this for years. I have been fighting it for over three years now. They have killed my family, friends and countless other Americans…and they will kill you too. DO NOT think for one moment that you haven’t been factored into their equation…they will attack you, so expect and prepare for it.”

  The men with the now stone cold faces nodded yes to the cell phone sitting on the table.

  “Finally…” Martin paused “…you will receive a fax. This fax will let you know that there is about 20 minutes until all hell breaks loose here in the ground. Your job when you receive this is twofold, first…pass it on to others, and secondly….no one and I repeat, NO ONE will enter or leave the US. You have the range to turn around or shoot down any aircraft that attempts this…the United States will be off limits…” the Troublemaker continued “…Now gentlemen, do you remember when Vince Lombardi told his football team “Gentlemen this is a football…”

  The sailors all nodded yes

  “…well gentlemen…we have a document called the Constitution. It was given to our country by men far greater than you or I will ever be. I’m here to tell you, as long as I have breath in my lungs, we are going to go back to The Constitution as the rule of law for our independent and sovereign country.”

  The Bridge on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan was transformed; it was truly the calm before the storm.

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