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The Troublemaker 23

Chapter Twenty Three-Goals

  Gary sat down at the card table as all eyes focused on him. Explaining what he saw in dreams or experienced in battles was one thing, how do you explain the planned extermination of an entire population? What depth of evil, tortured mind could even conceive of such a horrendous plot, and then actually have the conscience or lack thereof to try to implement it?

  Gary looked at his friends “What that conversation was about is the planned deaths of millions of people…”Gary took a breath “…when I first started thinking about all of this, I had a question in my mind, which was…why us? Why would the United States be so important? I mean, after all, we don’t have petroleum or energy resources, we don’t have the manufacturing base that we once did because we send everything overseas…all we have are 300 million people that are living the high life, so to speak…so, why us?” Gary paused and answered his own question “…then it dawned on me…the world is in the midst of a long drought…and we are still the most productive food producers on the entire planet. Food has just replaced oil as being the most important item on Earth.”

  “Yeah but what the Geek was saying is that the food is now poison, right?” Rob asked

  “Correct. Now think about it for a moment, if you want to take control of a nation…would you rather do that with a healthy population, or a depleted population?”

  Rob nodded as he understood.

  “Take away their ability to have babies and you’ve in effect destroyed the life line of that nation’s growth, all without firing a shot or dropping a bomb….” Gary paused then continued “…and here’s the beauty of it all. Let’s say that your plans are exposed, and the country that has bought this food gets…ah…pretty angry, wouldn’t you say? Let’s then say that particular country gets so angry that they decide to turn your country into a parking lot…the people that are doing this aren’t from here, so what do they care?” Gary paused again “All of a sudden, that nuclear cruise missile strike seems small doesn’t it?”

  “You know Martin, I just thought of this…”Jack spoke “…the Blue Hats themselves could nuke us and say that THEY uncovered a plot to poison the food supply, blaming their plot on us, and making themselves to look like the good guys.”

  The assessment from Jack fit the motives and abilities of those responsible. How many times throughout the centuries had lies been passed on as truths, lies acted on in an militaristic way only to be discovered years later as being what they were.; pure lies.

  Lauren was in tears as this plot was being brought to the light. “What about our baby? What can I eat, what’s safe?” Jack stood next to Lauren and they both were looking for answers.

  “Lauren, I would suggest that you keep new flour, corn and soybeans off of your menu, until the baby is born. You see what Jonathan was saying is CP-501, 502 and 503 are the genetically altered, poisonous products. 501, 502 and 503 are Corn, Wheat and Soybeans. You still have rice and you’re going to have to look at your own diet in a very critical way.” Gary paused “Jon said that the excess is being shipped out of the country, and I believe him, however the seeds that are about to go into the ground NOW, is what we need to worry about and concentrate on.”

  Arlen White was on the computer doing some quick research on the China subject. “Sir, it looks as if China would stand to lose about 15 million people the first year alone, not including the non-births due to sterility. If you bring that out over a five year period, you could make a case that they would lose hundreds of millions of people.”

  “That’s just what we know now. What if there is some more engineering that we don’t know about that causes cancer or some other disease at a later date. “Rob added

  The group started to talk amongst themselves as Gary got up and went over to April. “I’m really beat; you want to go to bed?”

  The SEAL’s noticed Gary and April ready to make their exit. “Suh, they is something we want to say to you.” Jefferson said as the room grew quiet

  “What is it Jefferson?”

  “Suh, I’m speakin for the whole team…we have…uh…made a decision about you, Suh.”

  Gary looked at Jefferson and as he did the other SEAL’s along with their Commander grouped themselves together. “You made a decision about me?”

  “Yes Suh…we have decided dat you-ah now one ah us…Suh.”

  “I don’t understand, what do you mean one of you?”

  “Suh, we done adopted you…” Jefferson said smiling “… now we know you ain’t been to BUD’s, and prolly not had a chance to jump, or any of dat other fun stuff…” Jefferson paused as he searched for the right wording “…but Suh, we all would be hon-ah’d if you’d be one of us.” All of the SEAL’s nodded in agreement.

  “I don’t know what to say. That has to be one of the nicest things that anyone has ever asked of me.” Gary looked at them all “Oh…I accept.”

  “Now they-ah a couple oth-ah things…we need a name fo you.” Jefferson said with a smile, which after all the issues and information they had shared this evening was totally refreshing.

  “That’s an easy one” April interjected “Just use his code name…Troublemaker”

  Jefferson and the brothers laughed heartily “Boy…dat do fit like a glove…Troublemak-ah. I guess dat’s bettah than Jose’s suggestion…’Nutcrack-ah’, of course now Williamz didn’t care too much for dat one.” Smiles and laughter erupted from everyone including Lauren and April, everyone that is; except Jack and his crew as they didn’t understand the association. Jefferson stepped over to Gary and held out his hand, which Gary started to shake. As he did Jefferson clamped his other hand on top of Gary’s. “Now Suh, here it is…we do da mission…we do not fail…and everyone comes home.”

   Gary and Jefferson were locked eye to eye and had complete and total trust in one another. Gary turned to the SEAL Team Commander “So…when do I get my own secret de-coder ring?”

  More laughter “Martin, you are a smart-ass…welcome aboard!” Rob said as he shook Gary’s hand and the others also came over and shook his hand and welcomed him to their brotherhood.

  “Suh, now you can go get yo beauty rest.” Jefferson grinned at his newly adopted brother. 

  “We all need that right now Jefferson.” Gary put his arm around April who was visibly tired and exhausted from all of the days events “We’ll get it put together tomorrow…good night.” As an after thought he turned back towards Rob “Don’t forget to call Jonathan”

  Unanimously voiced “Good night”

  Rob immediately pulled his cell phone and dialed Graham’s number, giving him the information he would need to have the documents faxed to him.

  Gary and April went to their room and undressed; climbing into the soft bed. It seemed so alien to have a soft bed with clean sheets after experiencing the day’s entanglements. The two shared their love intimately, without words then fell exhaustively into a very deep sleep.

  The intense sun and azure blue sky cooked the white sands of the beach, while waves rhythmically and steadily thundered at the point separating ocean and land. Ten well tanned and physically fit men reclined on wooden slatted beach lounge chairs, not moving as they were in the realm of peace and tranquility, a conflicting environment for men of war. The beach stretched for miles and as the men looked around, they noticed two people at a great distance walking towards them. The two people drew closer and it became clear that it was an adult and a child. The child, a sandy haired young girl in a yellow one piece swim suit, adorned with a pink pony and ruffled bottoms ran up to the men.

  “Hi…I’m Ruthi” as she stood directly in front of Jefferson “You must be Jefferson, my Daddy really likes you…” Looking at all of the men “…my Daddy likes you all.” 

  “Well…sugah, we like yo Daddy too” Jefferson said as everyone was focused on the child.
  “Meet my friend…” Ruthi turned to introduce her friend who now stood behind her.

  “TONY…” Everyone stood and hugged their missing beloved SEAL brother

  Tony looked as if he had never departed the physical world, pulled back from the group “Glad to see that everybody’s alright. I see that you have met Martin, and Ruthi. You take care of him JT…” Tony looked at each member and called them all by name “…Todd, David, Jose…” Looking at Commander Toland “…you listen to him too, and make sure you bring your A Game, understand?”

  Ruthi moved and wiggled her way into the circle of SEAL’s and stood in front of Todd Williams “I’m sorry my Daddy hurt you.”

  Todd looked down at the blonde haired child with the sad brown eyes, as he did she reached up her arms in the universal child sign to be picked up. Ruthi wrapped her arms around the muscular Williams neck and hugged him “It’s ok Ruthi, I deserved it…I’ll be fine…” Todd looked at the fair haired child “…you sure are special to help everyone like this.”

  With one arm around Williams shoulder and reaching her other out and grabbing Jefferson by his shoulder, she pulled them both close. Everyone else gathered around in a tight group. “These are bad people.” Ruthi’s simple words didn’t diminish any of the feelings or emotions she passed along to all the brothers as they internalized the sorrow, anguish and anger felt by the beings in her world.

  “Sugah, dohn worry, we’ll take care of em.” Jefferson said bluntly

  “I know you will JT.” Ruthi motioned to be put down. “Want to know a secret?” Ruthi’s sad tone changed instantly to one of joy and excitement.

  The group nodded yes

  “I can tell this one…but I can’t tell the other one yet…” Ruthi motioned for everyone to bend down as she whispered her secret into each member’s ear.

  Rob said smiling “That’s cool…can we say anything to her?”

  Ruthi nodded yes and then asked “Does anyone want to come with me?”

  Todd stepped forward and Ruthi held out her hand. The pair walked away towards away towards the surf and their waiting friend Tony. The trio held hands as they walked along the beach laughing, talking, looking for shells and splashing in the surf.

  The pre dawn darkness was slowly giving way to another orange red sunrise. The few clouds that floated across the Georgia dawn were in the beginning stages of being painted with the risings suns brush.

  Silently the door inched open and nine men side stepped into the darkened room. One of the men crept forward and knelt beside the sleeping figure “Good mornin sleepy head…time to get up.”

  Gary rolled over towards the Cajun’s voice “Jefferson…it’s too early, let me sleep.” Gary started to roll back.

  “Come on…let’s go Troublemak-ah. You done slept enough, time fo some exercise.”

  “Jefferson, don’t make me kick your ass…” Gary mumbled

  Through the darkness came a sound, a muted sound ‘tap…tap…tap…tap…tap…tap’

  April sat up with the sheet over her exposed chest “What?”

  Gary sat up at the tapping sounds which seemed to come from across the entire room. Throwing the light switch on exposed the SEAL’s as they stood around the room, tapping coffee cups strategically placed in the crotch of their running shorts, and smiling devilishly.

  “Mistah Martin…dat trick of you-ahs, it worked once…it won’t work again.” Jefferson said with abroad smile.

  Gary opened his day with a laugh, turning to April who had dived back under the covers; sounding like an excited little boy he said “Baby…can I go play with the SEAL’s...Huh...What do you say…can I…can I?”

  Through the covers came “Go…let me sleep.”

  “Ummm… I love you too sugar!” Gary flung his covers back and jumped out of the bed, standing buck naked in front of his newly adoptive family, spreading his arms and legs wide “Ok…who’s gonna give me some SEAL love this morning?”

  All nine men lowered and covered their eyes at this sight “Oh Lawdy, Suh…you need to get some clothes on…I tink they is some laws about dis somewhe-ah.” Jefferson said laughing.

  Gary laughed as he pulled his own prank on the pranksters. “Give me a couple of minutes to get dressed ok? By the way, you best get those cups in the dishwasher before Lauren gets up.” Gary chuckled

  Jefferson tossed Gary a pair of gym shorts and the crew filed out of the room as quietly as they had entered. Gary turned to April and kissed her forehead “I love you.” April turned and smiled at her middle aged little boy.

  The house was quiet and Gary found the entire team outside stretching for their morning run. Gary saw someone he had not met and walked up to him “I’m Gary”

  “Good morning Sir, I’m Graham; they call me ‘Geek’.”

  “Did you get in contact with Jonathan last night?”

  “Little Geek? Sure did…that kid’s got some brains.” Graham said

  “Did you get the fax?”

  “It’s on the kitchen table right now…” Graham paused “…they’re nasty bastards aren’t’ they, Sir?”

  Gary nodded yes

  “Ok, we gonna go up by dat motel where dat NASCAR Larry is stayin, time to get him involved.” Jefferson looked for acknowledgment from the group. “We’ll meet up back he-ah…It’s gonna be a busy day today.”

  The group started their run with Gary dead last and not in the least ashamed about it. Rob dropped back to talk “I met your daughter last night…she sure is special.”

  “That she is…did she drop any bombs on you?” Gary said trying to talk and run at the same time

  “She sure did…”Rob said and continued “…we’ll talk after we finish our run.”

  “Yeah…” Gary was starting to sweat as the others were not only ahead but running effortlessly through the quiet housing development. Gary thought about how Jonathan had gotten them down to Kings Bay, how he had worked within the enemies system and not against it. Troublemakers mind was a million miles away as he tried to answer the question of how they were going to proceed from here. He was still deep in his thought when they reached the motel. The team was leaning against the red Monte Carlo as Gary approached, sweating and breathing heavily.

  Gary had his hands on his hips and with his head hung down breathed deeply; trying to bring his slightly past middle aged body back to normal. Walking over to the door directly in front of the Chevy, Gary knocked. “Larry, are you up?”

  Gary noticed someone looked through the peep hole and then heard the cheap chain that supposedly would hold someone from bashing in the door, slide off. The door opened and Larry stepped outside “Good morning, Gary…” looking at the SEAL’s “…morning fellas”

  The Team greeted Larry. Jefferson spoke up “Suh, we need to get movin…we-ah only about half-way though our run.”

  Gary turned to Jefferson and waved them off. “I’m finished. I’ll get a ride back with Larry and meet you guys back at the house.”

  The SEAL’s had disappointed looks on their faces, then as a man they turned and started off down the road. NASCAR Larry and Gary loaded what little stuff Larry had brought into the car then headed to the Miller’s as Gary filled him in on last nights events. 

  Reaching the Miller’s house, Larry parked the car on the street as he did yesterday. “I’m going to need some time to get everything put together on my end.”

  “We’ll figure out just what we need and then you can do your thing. Let’s see if Lauren and April have any coffee.” Gary and Larry went inside the house; Jack was at the kitchen table and stood up out of habit when the two came in. Gary said “Good morning Jack.”

  “Good morning fellows, I thought you were with Rob and the Team?”

  “I was for a while, but…I guess I’m not in the kind of shape those guys are. I hitched a ride from Larry.” Gary laughed at the truth as did Jack.

  Lauren came out as did April, morning greetings were passed and Gary went over to give April a hug. “Ewww…you need a shower.” April scrunched her nose at Gary.

  Jack went over to the cupboard and looked for coffee cups for everyone. “Hey babe, where are the cups?”

  Lauren was confused as she had washed them all yesterday. April looked at Gary and smiled, keeping the SEAL’s morning prank on Gary a secret. Lauren took the cups out of the dishwasher and started to hand wash them. As she was doing so the Team arrived and all ten men came inside, making the house seem much smaller.

  Gary started the ball rolling. “Jack, Rob…lets talk this thing out. We need some kind of outline as to what we need to do, ok?”

  Rob spoke first “As I see it, the first priority would be to stop those nukes.” Pausing momentarily. “The crops can be stopped anytime during the growing cycle, now as for those ships heading out…we should try to stop them also before they make port in China and Russia…” Rob paused and then continued “…speaking of which, we need to let them know what’s going on, they need to hear it from us first.”

  Jack jumped in “Stopping the Global Hawks is going to be hard…” Jack paused to gain a thought “…we should try to get to the Command Center and take them out that way. I don’t see us being able to get fighter support to shoot them down.”

  “I wonder if we could get some Air Force guys to reprogram those computers that control the Global Hawks. Maybe Graham could find out for us where those Command Centers are. I’m sure they got the Air Force to train them…I wonder where those Air Force guys are now? ”Gary added his thoughts “…I was thinking about how Jonathan got us down here by using their technology against them…”Gary paused “…if we are to be under their radar, then we have to find a way to make you guys invisible…” Gary said towards the Team and rubbing his unshaven chin “…or kill you.”

  Jefferson spoke out “Suh, I know you didn’t like runnin this moah-nin…but don’t you tink dis is a little extreme?” Jefferson laughed, his Commander looked at him…not laughing. Williams elbowed him in the side to knock it off.

  “Didn’t you say that you have an exercise tomorrow?” Gary asked Rob

  “Yeah we are scheduled to do a LALO jump from a helo.”

  Gary had a questioning look on his face.

  “LALO is Low Altitude Low Opening, sir” Williams added

  “Sir, I forgot to say that this was changed yesterday.” Graham said “We have been detailed to do a prisoner escort by helicopter to Atlanta, and they changed our helo from a Jolly Green Giant to a Blackhawk.”

  “What?” This was the first that Rob had heard of the change

  “Sir, I received the order change from Norfolk, from the “World Naval Forces”, sir. We are ALL to go on this one. Four prisoners and every one of us, that’s what the orders read.”

  “Bingo…that’s how they are going to kill you.” Gary smiled at the SEAL’s and their Commander who didn’t see any humor in this attempt on their lives.

  “You’re sure Martin?” Rob questioned

  “That’s how I would do it…” Pausing to think it through “…first of all, they have all of you guys together in one chopper and some of their criminals…no big loss of the prisoners, right? They know who you are and what time you lift off. More than likely, they will probably wait until you leave the area, and then ambush you with an air-to-air missile….” Gary smiled “…BOOM…SEAL issue resolved…and we are going to play right along with them.” Gary smiled at the plan he had formulated in his mind. “I’ll tell you later, what I’ve got in mind”

  Gary turned to Jack “What are you doing today?”

  Jack looked at his packed sea bag “Loading up my personal gear and then I’ll go through the Nebraska for a final inspection. I intend to have Popeye meet me at the ship and fill him in on the Mark 48 problem.” Jack looked at Gary “How would you like to have a tour of the Nebraska later on today?” 

  Gary’s eyes grew big as a child’s on Christmas Morning. “Would I…oh man, YES!” Gary caught himself and asked “By the way Jack, do you have a Doctor on board?”

  “Yes and no…our ‘Doc’ is a Physicians Assistant, why?”

  “We need to get these chips out…” Gary said pointing to the back of his neck “…he can handle that, right?”

  Jack said assuredly “Doc Melman can handle anything.”

  Rob asked “By the way Jack, have you heard anything from The Sullivans?”

  “No, I called again this morning; he still has his phone off.”

  Gary took a piece of yellow note pad and started to write down their goals. He smiled to himself as he used to write down personal goals in his past life, now he was doing the same thing, only instead of making notes to clean out the garage or mow the yard; he was rough drafting war plans. Cathi used to kid him about writing everything down, now if he overlooked or missed something, it could and would be potentially fatal for everyone. Gary was still reflecting when the phone rang.

  Lauren answered and held out the phone to Graham “It’s Little Geek.”

  Gary looked at Graham and wordlessly mouthed “Little Geek?”

  Graham shrugged and smiled “I’m big Geek and he’s Little Geek, sir.” Graham focused on the call “Hey, little buddy how are ya?”

  Jonathan replied “Fine, I’ve got some information that you might find helpful. I am looking at a purchase request for new unit insignias. The order is for ‘wall placards and shoulder patches’, now get this, the unit is The World Police Reconnaissance Squadron. The patches and placards clearly show a Predator AND a Global Hawk together.”

  Graham thought for a moment “Are you saying that they have now merged the two units?”

  “That’s what it looks like to me, but the interesting thing is WHERE they want this stuff sent to…Fort Ritchie and Site R.”

  “Little Geek…that’s good stuff.” Graham smiled at the insignificant yet powerful discovery.

  “By the way, what have you found out about the chips?”

  Graham paused before answering; Jonathan had already spoken openly over the non-secure phone, thereby placing himself in great danger. “Interesting stuff…however, the ‘odd one’, you know which one I mean…I can’t open that one up.”

  “I have a theory about that one; I’ll send it to you like I sent the other stuff last night, ok?”

  “Alright…Little Geek…are you ok out there?”

  “There’s a lot of traffic, if you know what I mean.”

  Graham feared for his friend’s safety. “I’ll talk to you later…stay close, alright?”

  “Bye.” Jonathan severed the connection.

  Graham turned to the Commander “Skipper, we need to get this kid some help…he is definitely in danger.” Graham told everyone the conversation that he just had with Jonathan.

  Rob looked at Gary “Can we find some place for him to hide out?”

  Graham interjected “Skipper, he’s a 15 year old kid in a wheel chair…where’s he going to go?” Graham stood with his arms out questioning and fearful for Jonathan.

  Rob thought briefly and made his decision “Graham, I want you to pack your gear…” turning to NASCAR Larry “…can you get him to Maryland?”

  “No problem”

  Gary added “Do you think that you can take April and Lauren with you?”


  Gary remembered something that he hadn’t as of yet shared “You know…there is something else…” Gary paused

  Rob looked at Gary hoping that there weren’t any more surprises or bad news; the anxiety was evident on Rob’s face.

  “…don’t worry Skipper…this is good news.” Gary looked at April “Do you recall last night when Jonathan said that he made some purchases for me?”

  April nodded yes

  “Well…I bought your Mom and Dads farm….” Gary looked as April started to tear up “…it’s ours, free and clear.” Gary smiled as his love flew across the room and ignoring the musty smell, hugged him and kissed him. Gary looked over at Lauren “I also bought that place where you used to live…”

  Lauren stared in disbelief “Really?”

  “Really…” Gary looked at Jack “…and it’s yours…free and clear.” 

  Jack was speechless as was Lauren

  “One day this thing is going to be over…and you all need a place to call home…” Gary said, pausing again “…Jonathan is also buying other pieces of property…” turning to his SEAL brothers “…whatever I have…whatever Jon buys, is yours…” Gary smiled as his brothers nodded and smiled “…now, let’s try to make it through this thing alive, so we can enjoy it.”

  Jefferson spoke to his Commander “Suh…should we tell Ruthi’s secret?”

  “I almost forgot, go ahead Jefferson” Rob and his men smiled.

  Jefferson looked at Lauren and Jack as they held each other after hearing the excellent news “Missus Lauren…Capn Jack…we met with Martins daughter Ruthi last night…” Jack and Laurens eyes focused on the southern SEAL “…she tole us about yo baby…what you gonna have…”

  Jack spoke quickly “AND…come on man, spit it out!”

  Jefferson smiled “…you gonna have a boy…”

  Jack pumped his hand up and down “YES!” His excitement spun him in a circle dance.

  “…and a girl.” Jefferson added

  The pumping and cheering came to a complete halt. Jack looked at Jefferson as if he had misunderstood. “What did you say?”

  “Suh…you all gonna have twins…”

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