Friday, May 8, 2009

Projects Complete and Upcoming.

Well it looks like things are progressing smoothly and at a rapid pace.

My shop is taking shpe nicely and if I get some time I can finish up all of the projects I have running.

I have finished up mt Remington 700 glas bedding and trigger adjustments. I also free floated my barrel and stripped the Remington hard as nails finish and hand rubbed a very nice Tung oil finish on it.

I'll post some photos when I get a few minutes.

My next project is to replace the sear on my Ruger MK 3. The factory one gives this pistol about an 8lb pull. This sear will bring that down to about 2 1/2lbs. I removed the fibre optic sight on the front and fashioned a nice gold dot blade. I have photos on the entire project and will post then at a later date.

After the MK3 is finished, I complete the Ruger 10/22 build. This is going to be a nice project. The 10/22 is from 1974 and has a very nice walnut stock. I've stripped the old finish on that one and will remove the banded portion of the stock, and replace that with a nice chunk of ebony. I'm also going to make a ebony base portion for the pistol grip on this one. I have a Green Mountain 20" bull barrel and some internals to be changed out. Once the ebony and the stock channel is hogged out I'll do some glas bedding to stabilize things...then refinish the stock.

I'm excited about this one. I should have a very nice tack driving .22 when complete. I'll post photos as I go through the project.

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